So in my trip to Motion Notion I happened to bump into Shane Haltman while painting the public art wall. He kinda kicked back watching me paint so I offered him some paints to join in. Shane kindly declined saying “I do a lot of painting myself but it’s always nice to watch others create.”. When I finished up with my masterpiece (which was really just an exploding blob done up with finger paints) I got to talking to Shane and it turned out he was the artist behind the designs on the Bass Bus (Which for those of you who don’t know, it’s only one of the most bad ass vehicles on the western seaboard in my opinion).

Shane was super chill to talk to and quite down to earth. Now that I had the chance to take a look at more of his art it really reflects back on how chill of a dude he was. Something about the work he does brings out a calm complexity, mostly brought about his wide use of color and the human figure brought about in most of his psychedelic patterns.

This video is more of an artist documentary on what Shane was faced with beginning his Bass Bus project, however it’s an interesting way of showing off the an artist’s thought process when faced with a new massive, and daunting, project such as painting a bus.

Shane’s tag and life motto is Mahaloness which to him means “In service to humanity, thankful for every moment always in flux nothing staying the same forever growing and expanding.”. A very humanitarian and true to self dude, you can follow more of Shane’s work on his WordPress which I highly encourage checking out, a lot of sweet art on that guy.


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